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Do you know of a teenage girl you would like to refer? Use the form below so we may provide more information about Under His Wings, or help you find other solutions. To get in touch for any other reason, please email us at or call 251.947-HOPE (4673).

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    Many families have spent years seeking treatment programs or counseling costing thousands of dollars – without results.   We apply Christian principles and teachings with proven methods and a caring counseling staff.  Our program gives young women the tools they need to break free from behaviors controlling their lives.

    Signs & Symptoms

    • Making poor choices
    • Manipulating family and others
    • Lying
    • Rebelling against authority
    • Depressed, withdrawn
    • Academically behind /unmotivated

    In Their Words

    “Helen” – granddaughter spent two years at UHW

    “My granddaughter came to live with us when she was 7 after years of problems with her mother and stepfather. DHR had been involved. It was a nightmare – she didn’t trust anyone.  Angry and totally lost. 

    I didn’t know what to do – and just felt why can’t I fix her? We spent years with therapists, psychiatrists, testing… I read every book. I knew we needed something special as we were reaching her teen years.

    My prayer was for some direction – I told God I just couldn’t do it anymore.  God answered us with Under His Wings. After two years there, she listens to us. I trust her and she trusts us.  She’s confident and gives joy to others. It’s saved our relationship as a family – and I’m certain this program has saved her life. “

    Kari Whatley/ Equine Therapist

    “These girls go from hearing how you should be… to seeing it lived out in a Christ-centered environment. What I love is the peace you see growing in them week to week. “

    “Courtney” – resident of UHW

    “I love it here. For the first time in my life I feel safe.”

    Sonja Blount /Counselor

    “School counselors are on the front lines. Girls walk in our office for behavior issues – and we know they’re likely coming from abusive homes, with parents who may be addicted or violent. They’re lost and looking to belong and on the verge of making terrible choices. But counseling once a week isn’t enough. Under His Wings has become an incredible resource for us. This program becomes the surrogate family these girls are craving. And the faster we can intervene – the faster we can redirect a life. “